Monday, December 29, 2014

German-designed ‘smart’ guns rerouted after cultural backlash in U.S. - The Globe and Mail


The German designer of a smart gun doesn't understand why we Americans don't like the idea of a smart gun that needs a watch near it to fire, the reason I don't like it is the price, $1800.00 .. If certain states, like New Jersey, that have laws saying once these are in common use, all guns sold in that state must be smart guns, the cost is prohibitive for poor people to afford, and that's just wrong.........

Data Shows Cops Kill Three People a Day in America | The Daily Sheeple


Yo !!!! Its not a black thing, its a cop thing !! The sooner the black community wakes up and smells the coffee the sooner WE can start to do something about it !!!!!!!!!!!

Scott Walker to Wisconsin: Here's an $800 Million Tax Cut - It's Your Money


This guy needs to be in Washington, not as President, but as a cabinet member, his hands won't be tied because he doesn't answer to the voters...  

Dave Barry’s Year in Review: There’s just no explaining 2014 | The Washington Post


Absolutely hilarious article on the year that was, 2014........... ;)

Blog: American Achiever of 2014: Sarah Palin


Gotta love her !!!!!!!!

Liberty's Torch: Tornado or Tipping Point?



Massive 5,000-year-old underground city uncovered in Cappadocia, Turkey - The Daily Coin


Really neat stuff !!!!!!! ......  ;)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Its Rumpday !!!!!!!!!!!!


BREAKING: Anti-#NYPD, Anti-#2A @ChipotleTweets Has Been Robbed AT GUNPOINT Repeatedly - GotNews


Seems like a rash of burglaries at Chipotles, well if you're anti 2nd amendment and disrespectful to the police, you get what you deserve........

Ferguson officer placed on leave over remarks about damaged memorial : News


So now you can get suspended for "disrespecting" a memorial for a dead pile of shit ?? What is this world coming to ?? I guess its only fair when you think about it, they are the ppl that push so many illegal laws upon us !!!!!

Pelosi Demands Boehner Force Tax-Cheating Republican Resign…Ignores Tax-Cheating Charlie Rangel – Conservative Hideout 2.0


That bitch Piglosi's hypocrisy has no bounds !!!
As far as I'm concerned anyone, (convicted) not charged, of a crime shouldn't be able to serve in our congress !! So that leaves what 10 Demoncrats ?????

Soros as Kiev’s Central Banker and Ridiculous US Laws - The Daily Coin


Putin would be smart to liquidate this old fool, he'd be doing this country a favor.....     

Saturday, December 27, 2014

N. Korea calls Obama a reckless ‘monkey’ and his administration ‘children with runny noses’ | BizPac Review


This country has like 50 computers in the whole country and barely enough electricity to keep them running, but they're not stupid, they hit this nail on the head............

Watch "Caught on camera: Kangaroo punches drone out of s…" on YouTube

Caught on camera: Kangaroo punches drone out of s…: http://youtu.be/EZjFz5iN8BE

Watch a kangaroo put a smack down on a nosey drone, dumb asses didn't realize they can jump............

Two Pennsylvania Democrats indicted for bribe-for-influence scheme


Its business as usual for the Demoncrats, its amazing how when one Republican gets busted, the Demoncrats yell "see, your a bunch of gangsters" but going to jail is an everyday thing for the Demoncrats..........