Sunday, December 21, 2014

NAACP: 'No Connection Between' Anti-Cop Protests And NYPD Murders | The Daily Caller

Wait, what ??????
So now we need gun control ??
The NAACP is now saying that only the cops should have guns, as they protest unarmed shootings ?? Huh ????
Wow, these ppl had better figure out what side they're on...........

The picture stole from Brock at Free North Carolina


  1. The period between the L.A. riots over the Rodney King verdict and today has been littered with dead black people -- all innocent and angelic -- who were "shot-down for no good reason" (dey wa'nt doin nuttin) by dastardly, "racist" cops.

    Meanwhile, conservatism was the unalloyed bastion of "law and order" types who would brook no ill word towards those who "protect and serve".

    Even prior to the election of Barack Obama, it was being made clear to many conservatives (often by our libertarian brethren) that something was amiss in the way "law and order" was being enforced across the nation.

    That the fairly gradual increase in anti-police sentiment (based on an increase in police misconduct, brutality, and other rights-squelching BEHAVIOR) among conservatives and libertarians should come to a head AT THE SAME TIME as a very sudden, and very massive, upping-of-the-"anti-cop"-ante by leftists, is too much of a coincidence for me to ignore. Especially given the super-tenuous connection to alleged racism of the incident(s) that the Leftist uptick in uproar hinges upon.

    There is also the fact that the different endpoints arrived at by Left and Right, have been conflated into one (the Leftist one) by MiniTrue.
    The Right has, on the basis of abundant evidence, arrived at a reaction that is a combination of "Don't Tread On Me" and "Physician, heal thyself!" (Policeman, police thyself!).

    The Left, on the other hand, after decades of ginning up faux-racism charges** against police, rather spontaneously jumped into warp-drive to conclude: "Death to all cops!" With the Longshanks-voiced addendum, "Based on racism, if possible. Randomly, ... just as good."

    ** Charges which have the "Cry, 'Wolf!'" effect of obscuring any actual racism-based incidents; and, which never adress real violations of individual, civil, and Constitutional rights.

    1. You've hit the nail on the head !! The left has co-oped our message, to do away with it, I said this would be happening six to 8 months ago......

  2. These sons of bitches can't even wait for the bodies to cool off before they start their gun control bullshit. NYC has some of the toughest "sensible" gun control laws on the books. A private citizen has a near zero chance of even buying a gun, let alone carrying it. Maybe they can explain to me just what law would have prevented the shooting. How about a law that keeps someone arrested 19 times in prison instead of walking the streets and creating victims.

    1. They want all of our guns, but the cops can't be trusted with guns, so how about we just let criminals have guns ?? These ppl make no sense whatsoever..........


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