Wednesday, January 7, 2015

10 dead in Paris shooting at newspaper known for criticizing Muslims - Washington Times


Intimidation !!!!
That's what the muzzies do !!

So how bout the French government take 10 of the murders family members, men and women, and put the in front of the firing squad !!!

On top of that, no one can wear "religious" clothing as they are shot !!
And how bout they load the rifles bullets with bacon grease !!!!

It'll be the only way to stop these religious zealot muzzloid killing spees !!!!...........
Fuck Ebama, and his muzzloid following.     

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  1. Was watching communist news network at 8:30 am, to gather early BS propaganda and some information.
    Right off, Bathhouse mouthpiece josh earnest interview is up and the traitorous shitbag chokes on his words when asked if attack was terrorism.
    According to him, "it's to early to tell."
    Adding to that, western propaganda whore for islam, christiane amanpour, was up next at 8:48 am and during her interview calls the terrorist "activists" angered about mohammed cartoons.
    This shit flowed from a mahor WH mouthpiece and American "journalism."
    Meanwhile, far too many of those who claim to stand in our ranks, for freedom, Constitution and Republic worry about if their tactics, actions and words offended muzzies and communists shitbags.
    Way to go free America.
    Fight on!


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