Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Generals conclude Obama backed al-Qaida


Hmm, let's see, the American public elect someone to the highest office in the world, because he's black and supposedly smart, so what does anyone expect, the media never vetted the rat bastard, he hid his college records, went to one of the most racist church's in Chicago, and you expect anything less ????
If, and I mean if, we can ever get our country back from these ideological assholes it'll take many years to get back to what we can once were.......


  1. Now this dikhead and his twin , Nancy Pelosi want to increase the gas tax now that is so low !! Ain`t gonna` happen !

    1. It is amazing how these ppl love to spend "other people's money" without ever having to live paycheck to paycheck !! We struggle to get the few things we want, and they try to take more and more from an ever smaller pool of money to buy votes..


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