Thursday, January 1, 2015

QUESTION: What If ‘Whites’ Strike Back Against The Race-Baiters and Race-Warmongers? | Three Percenter Nation

Yup, exactly what I've been saying !!! How long ?? I know ppl who were tired of the bullshit long before the latest episode's of race baiting madness ..
You poor, poor ppl better think before you push to hard, when the push back comes, you may not be able to deal.......
H/T Brock......


  1. The only reason there hasn't been a push back already isn't because of the Black race baiters. The real push back is going to be against our Multi-Cult race gilt tripper family members. Like Aunt Betty who dated a Black guy, your cousin Jim who swallowed the kool aid etc. It's not that many of us are not already fed up enough to put the smack down on Al or Jesse it's the traitors in our midst we haven't built up enough anger for yet.

    1. Makes a lot of sense, I'm just glad I don't have to deal with many family members, I all but cut them out of my life..........


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