Saturday, January 17, 2015

This Could Be My Cat.........

In the early 2000's I lived in a two story condo, well the birds used to sit on the upstairs window and drive my cats nuts.
I was working two jobs and didn't get home till after 9 pm, sometimes later if I felt the need for a few extra road pops after working at a bar.

One night I come home and my neighbor comes out and tells me she saw my black cat come flying out the second story window along with the screen.

Background on the little black cat is she was scared of everything and had never been outside before.

So I go around the building in a panic looking for this scared sweet little girl cat, I looked for about a half hour and then started hearing a small little cry every time I called her name. I found her in perfect health hiding behind a neighbors water meter scared out of her mind....
Since then I've moved a couple times and she's gotten bolder as she's aged, when I lived in an apartment I had to watch as I opened the door, shed run out, then all the way down the hall, what a pain that was !!!!!
She still sits on the end of the bed and watches the animal channel if I put it on for her, crazy assed cat !!!!!!


  1. I'm glad she's safe. My Mama cat got out the first week I had her. Got woken up early in the morning by a little grey cat appearing every few seconds outside the bay window. She was jumping about 4 feet up with nothing to grab onto, letting out a desperate cry every time she popped up. As soon as I realized what was going on, I ran outside to grab her. So glad the neighbor's dog didn't notice her. Many years later, she's still around, as plump as ever. Must be from all the love she's getting ;-)


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