Monday, January 19, 2015

When Liberals Sided with U.S. Workers | Center for Immigration Studies


I have 12 years before I can retire early, so say I have to work 15 years .. I can do a whole lot of things in a machine shop, so I'm probably good ... The ppl that gave us this bastard of a pResident have many more years, and children that have 5 or 6 times the years of working, which I do not have.. So why am I the racist when I say Ebama is single handedly destroying this country for future generations ??? Are these ppl really that blind ?? That stupid ?? I don't know, but the black community if fucking themselves with their pants pulled up by supporting this illegal alien pResident ..
What really bothers me, is I care, I shouldn't, but I do, maybe because I see Hitlers Germany all over again, only without the racial agenda, but the control of the masses that'll lead to another long war, but will we be on the winning side this time ????????????

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