Thursday, March 26, 2015

LOOK AT THESE!! Mind blowing colourised images of WWII!! - WAR HISTORY ONLINE


A few WWII color photos, ain't they neat......... ;)


  1. Those were really neat. Those guys must have been ox's moving those munitions around in that battleship. Never realized how big those projectiles were. Also, hand cranking to start that aircraft. Wonder how many broken arms when it misfired.

    1. If you've ever kicked an old Harley, then that ×10 at least..... My buddies 76 wideglide would give a pretty good back kick.......

    2. I got this.

      404 Error - page not found
      We're sorry, but the page you are looking for doesn't exist.

    3. It worked earlier, I wonder what happened.....

  2. Alex Vraciu, who was just 25
    Two of the aircraft carriers he flew from were torpedoed

    This makes me wonder. My dad served on the Lexington (C16) around that time and he told me they were torpedoed twice and had several kamikaze attacks. Could have been shipmates.


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