Sunday, May 31, 2015

Jade Helm Official Reveals True Purposes of JH-15: This Is a Must Read! | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show


I have a hard time thinking that they would move on anyone now, but I've been wrong before......

My neighborhood........

This is some of the cool wildlife I see daily when I take the dog for a walk. Everything from wild turkey's to day old baby deer. I saw some baby groundhogs to but the little fuckers scamper away to quickly to snap a picture. Its not bad for the burbs !!! I just love Sundays when I don't have to rush and can sneak up on all the critters...  I bought the house I grew up in so I've been running through these woods since I was about 7, so that'd make it 43 years ... When we were kids I never remember seeing deer, I guess its because of the expansion of neighborhood's, its kinda sad ..
Hope I didn't bore anyone........ ;)

Watch "2016 Camaro Reveal Recap from Belle Isle, Detroit, MI | Chevrolet" on YouTube

Well, its out !! I'm still not impressed with the looks, bit I do like it better than the last one !! Let me know what you guys think.......

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bloody Baltimore Shows What Happens When You Trade Essential Liberty For Temporary Safety | Bearing Arms

From this
                                 To this

This is where Obie's federal police force would ride in and calm everyone's fears and take over ! Then you no longer have police from the districts they are policing !! Its an Obama dream.......

A Moscow Cat not only bares the resemblance to Hitler, he has the tantrum to go with it as well [FUN]


Wow, it does look like Adolf......... ;)

It’s Official: Texas Legislature Passes Open Carry


As the libtards scream,
"They'll be blood running in the streets"
Like we have the same negativity and insane thoughts running through our heads as most leftest pieces of shit have !!! I wonder if the reason the left wants guns banned is because they know they're so crazy that if they had a gun with them at all times they would be sure to use it at the first sign of trouble came along, it makes sense.........

'Draw Muhammad' Demonstration Tense but Peaceful Outside Phoenix Mosque - Breitbart


Hey you leftest fucks, if any can read,
Unlike the black community that can't have a protest without negativity towards the police, the national guard or the government !!!!
Maybe the leftests and the black community should use these biker "THUGS" as an example instead of calling for the national guard or police to break it up !!!!!!!!
I fuckin hate liberals and leftest pieces of shit !!!!!!!!!!! Yup, I'm a hater !!!!!!!

EPA Threatens Property Owners With New Rule Change | The Daily Sheeple


These mother fuckers !! So we are taught to work hard all our lives, buy land, pay it off and then do as we please with said land .. Not according to our ever powerful government, if this passes, if you have a puddle on your land a week out of the year, they want to make you buy a permit, but first they'll need to do a study on your land....... Bullshit !!
Makes you feel like leaving this country........

Mysterious low-flying plane over Twin Cities raises questions of surveillance | Star Tribune

How the fed's are invading your privacy on a daily basis, without your consent !!
The fuckers will do anything to have a leg up............
H/T Brock.....

Thursday, May 28, 2015

ARIZONA: Bikers plan armed anti-Islam protest outside mosque that hatched the two Garland, Texas would-be Muslim jihadist assassins | BARE NAKED ISLAM

Now this is how America says
FUCK YOU to the muzzies.............. ;)
H/T Brock

How About A Hug..........


When They Come for the Smaller Groups. . . .


Yup, no truer sentence has been written !!
And they will be working to marginalize a whole lot of other groups if these tyrants keep the power they now possess..........

L.A. labor leaders seek minimum wage exemption for firms with union workers - LA Times


So, unions fight the good fight and try to stop all exceptions from a 15.00 minimum wage, then decide they themselves should be exempt, typical of the left, good for me but not for you !!

Slippery When Wet.........