Saturday, May 9, 2015

Doug Ross @ Journal: The Real Jade Helm Conspiracy Nuts


I had a neighbor that told me that he only concerns himself in reality and this jade helm stuff is tin foil hat stuff !!
I believe it is a practice exercise for when the dollar completely collapses ...
We all saw what happened when the EBT cards went offline for a few hours, just imagine if the government came out and said, "No more EBT, HEAP or any other government help, this country would be in total chaos within hours !!!
So tell me, Jade Helm tin foil hat stuff, or  should we be more ready then ever ?????


  1. Also, I think we should be more ready then ever!!!!

  2. They aren't spending all that money and making thousands of people jump through all that paperwork and practice for laughs. They have a reason for the exercise, and since the mantra is train the way your gonna fight what would they be training for. When they trained for the sandbox they did it in Kuwait or at Ft. Irwin in the desert using 'arab villages' as props because they were going to fight arabs in villages.
    Now they are training in US cities and states with the
    'opponent' virtually identical to the typical conservative US citizen....so that tells me they are training for action against US citizens.

    1. They say its training for a future battle overseas, well then why is the FBI, and the dept for homeland security involved, its illegal for them groups to work overseas......


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