Monday, June 22, 2015

Would AP run this picture if Ted Cruz was a Demoncrat ???

Disgusting !! This was a picture ran by the Associated Press, in wake if Charleston you'd think these fucking idiots would be a bit more careful with their pictures ...Imagine if it was "Dear Leader" they'd be screaming racism from the rooftops !! I understand they are afraid of Cruz, but whomever let this out should be fired !!!!!!


  1. You have that right. If that was Obamey - my God the left would have a field day about racism. I'm so tired of this kind of crap. Like the banner!!

    1. Yup, lib heads would be exploding.....
      Thanks..... ;)

  2. *reads question & post* Let me think about that one....no. If the Deluded Left caught sight of the media doing that to one of their own...oh, dear Lord, it'd be "get out the pitchforks" time.


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