Saturday, July 11, 2015

FBI: Breakdown in background check system allowed "the asshole murderer" to buy gun - The Washington Post


This isn't a " loophole " it was an out @ out fuck up, this drug addicted piece of shit shouldn't have been able to buy the gun that he killed 9 church goers !!! This is typical of leftest rag papers, that consider themselves newspapers do, shift the blame !!!!!
I have to wait between 5 @ 8 days for the guns I buy EVERY TIME, because of a guy with the same name as me, in the same city, is unable to own a gun, it pisses me off to no end, but this punk was able to buy a 45 that was used to kill 9 people, inexcusable !!!! Fire the person that let him buy the gun, maybe then the FBI will do their do jobs correctly !!!!!

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