Friday, July 24, 2015

Firearm Production Has More than Doubled Since Obama Took Office | The Daily Sheeple


Dang bitter clinger !!!!!!!! ;)


  1. Hi there! Nice post! Please tell us when I will see a follow up!
    keep your gun away from children

    1. Nope, ain't gonna happen, if I had kids I'd make sure they understand the gravity of gun ownership and they would be trained how to protect themselves and their families !! You muzzies would love a disarmed America, just like the muzzy-in-chief, ain't gonna happen, in Europe the muzzies throw rocks and bottles at the ppl who's ancestors built the country that you ppl want to take over, not so in America, you throw rocks, we throw lead !!!!!!!!!


Let me know how I'm doing, as long as your not a fucking liberal who believes that a little fairy dust will solve all the worlds ills .......;)