Thursday, August 27, 2015

Epidemic of sea mammal deaths explodes as Fukushima radiation contaminates one-third of the earth - The Daily Coin


Fukushima is killing the plant, and our government is worried about global warming, were so fucked........


  1. Fukushima is NOT killing the planet and neither is Chernobyl or other such places. ALL of the radioactive material at these sites was not magically create, it always existed. All humans did was gather itnup and concentrate itninto one location and that sis why those localized sites are dangerous. Once the material is widely dispersed and dilute it poses no more risk than all the other sources of radiation we are exposed to every day. Leave the subject of radiation to those of us who study and work with it. Fukushima is a LOCAL problem for Japan...it is a very minor issue for the Western Hemisphere.

    1. Really.....so tell me....where did you get your degree in Physics and how long have you worked with ionizing radiation. I got my degree in 78 and have been working with it since.

    2. I think he's right. Seriously, how can one be so certain that "science" driven AGW is true, when it's financed by political means, and proven fraudulent, and then just swallow the speculation that this radioactivity is so bad? The marine mammal problem was already explained by real biologists before the doomsayer moonbats got ahold of it. This whole reasoning by them parallels the the whole chemtrails farce.

    3. Dan
      I don't need a degree to see the mammals floating onto the shore in Kalifornia, I don't need a degree to know what radiation does to the human body, the japs are pumping billions of toxic water into the ocean, tell me how that's a local problem, the cores have melted through the containment vessels, so its a total meltdown, you can try to sugarcoat all this but the facts are the facts !!!!!!
      Why don't you move over there and report on how things are going !!! No, yup, I get it.......


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