Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Suspect in 2 murders on live TV has shot himself | Fox News


Another black on white crime, pure racism, oops, he can be a racist, he is black and we know human nature is only attributed to white folks .....
I'm so fucking sick of the false narrative that the media sends.........


  1. Same old song and dance from the libturds.
    Nothing to see here only white people dead
    no big deal to the msm.
    Especially since they can not blame it on Trump, Reagan, Nixon, and Bushes or the TEA party.
    Or old angry white boys.
    Fracking libturds!!!!

  2. I know he suffered from SSS (sudden savage syndrome), but if he had of lived, would he have been charged with a "hate crime"? I feel a lot safer knowing sodomites and minorities have their "special" laws to protect them. I just wonder why our so-called government only invokes these special laws when a white person is the perpetrator. I believe hate crime laws are the heighth of ignorance and represent the foolishness and folly of the government and the MSM. If someone plots to harm or kill and carry out that crime I would safely say there is not any love present. I cannot say the perpetrator actually hates the victim. I can say such crimes would be a "hateful" act. Of course, I am being facetious while attempting to demonstrate how ignorant these laws really are. In all seriousness I will say one should always be trained, armed, and very aware of one's institutional awareness. There a lot of nutjobs, criminals, drugged zombies, and jihadists who walk among us. Not to mention disgruntled black homosexual former TV new reporters.

    1. Don't get me started on "Hate" crimes.....


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