Saturday, August 8, 2015

Will Hillary Be Tried For Treason?


Let's hope so !!!!!


  1. Nice fantasy. But let's get real. Clinton's have been breaking the law since Bill was Governor. That's like what....30+ years??

    1. pResident Jarret, you know val, she hates everything about a Clinton dynasty, Killary is fucked !!!!!!!!

  2. Valerie Jarrett may be fucking with Hillary....they don't get along. But Cankles knows too much about too many people to be held accountable under the current regime in DC. IF...and that's a big IF, a MASSIVE reorganization occurs and lots of people are replaced with new blood maybe she is held to account. Otherwise nothing happens to her....she knows where to many bodies are buried and where all the skeletons are hidden. She might not win the 16 election but she isn't going to jail.


Let me know how I'm doing, as long as your not a fucking liberal who believes that a little fairy dust will solve all the worlds ills .......;)