Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Endgame: Iran Deal Opponents Concede They Lack Votes to Overcome Veto - Guy Benson


If this passes, it will means Israel will probably be crushed by nukes, this is what Obama wanted all along !! Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing, he would love to see Israel wiped from the map !!
Not to mention New York city and probably LA Kalifornia, the mullahs would do anything to hurt America and Israel ...
The truth hurts, but I consider it fact, that once Iran gets nukes, say goodbye to Israel and when the Russian's sell the Iranians long range missile's American cities are pretty much fucked to.......


  1. Read the book Caliphate By tom Kratma
    Section called EXCURSUS explains what obummer has done to the United States. Then what we finally do after GOD sorts out the pieces.

    1. I don't want the SS, curious name huh, knocking, so I won't say what I think of this asshole that's selling out America to the mullahs in Iran........

  2. FYI, "Caliphate" by Tom Kratman is now available on Amazon as a FREE, repeat FREE, Kindle download. You don't need a Kindle player to download and read it - with a computer or a phone you can do this also.

    Thanks for the recommendation, Anon Y. Mous.


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