Saturday, September 5, 2015

H&K 91, Slow-Mo Jerry Miculek Style - The Firearm Blog


This guy is quick, I wish he'd have burned a whole mag to see how fast he really is, but I've owned an H-K 91, mine had about a 5# trigger pull, I didn't like the pounding you take from the recoil, but it was a very unstoppable gun, never had a missfire or a jam, and I shot it a lot back then !!! I'll always hold the H-K's in high regard, but an M-1-A is the smoothest 308 I have ever shot, and I've stot plenty, the FAL is the closest to the M-1-A, but nothing beats a Springfield in my book, the wood stock really helped take up the recoil .... Just my 1/2 cents.........

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