Saturday, September 5, 2015

Treason of the Professors [Updated] | Power Line


A bit of a long read, but entirely correct, the savages in GITMO have no constitutional right, the are prisoners of a religious war on our freedoms !!!!
Each and every lawyer that takes money from CAIR and the other muzzy groups are traitors and should be charged by the US Atty general, ya like that muzzy loving bitch would do it !!!The leaders of ISIS or ISIL, whatever you want to call those savages are laughing at our country because they know the system, like the welfare fraudsters, the play that system to the max !!!!
I'm 50, I hope to have 20 decent years left, and don't think there will be a holy war on our soil by then, BUT, if we don't find a strong leader that knows the system, has used the system, and will fight the system, Trump anyone ?
Your grandchildren or great grandchildren will either be ass raisers or murdered for not bowing down to Islam !!!
The leftest's have already declared war on Christianity, see the clerk in jail for not giving out gay marriage license's, think what another 30 years will bring !!!!

I could go on about "Dear Leader" opening up the border to let as many muzzies into the country as possible plus the Syrian "Refugees" coming here for safe haven, but I've ranted enough !!!

I will guarantee you this though, my ladies daughter will be well versed in shooting and I don't mean short range stuff, more like sniper tactics !!!!

And ppl wonder why I never had kids.......
Y-all have a great holiday weekend !!!!!!


  1. Agree with your observations. As for firearms tou have to cover your bases and switch out arms to suit the range of your targets. This means long range is your first line of defense IMO. When that's exhausted it's down the driveway range and ultimately, if the threat is not stopped, in your home. I've got all three covered.

    1. You missed one, your vehicle, be sure to be covered there as well, I am....... ;)


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