Saturday, October 10, 2015

Living Freedom - Come and take them. Start here.

Excellent article, its how most of us feel, sick and tired of the political assholes, making up laws that'll be ruled unconstitutional within a few years anyway.....
So yes, why should the young adults have to put up with the political bullshit every time another nut case goes on a rampage, lets get this over with, me first......
H/T Brock........ ;)


  1. I just wonder what that asshole in the White House - the "Chicken Shit Commander in Chief" (That was priceless) has up his ass what he is going to do. I hate that moron right along with his administration.

  2. I live near Cleveland Ohio, since that Tamir Rice shit, my AR is next to my bed nightly, if they wanna come, they're gonna have a big surprise !!!!
    And yes, the Traitor-in-Chief, needs a good country talking to, bless his heart.......
    I think you get my drift.....


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