Saturday, October 3, 2015

Thompson Machine Gun Auctioned for $35k.....


My buddy has a Chicago police Tommy, marked as such. Imagine being 19 years old, and being handed a full auto Tommy gun with a 100 round drum !! I was in heaven, we took it to a range in a small city and had a blast !! You should have seen all the ppl back out of their stalls after we let it rip, it was awesome.....
He paid $700.00 plus the tax stamp in 1977, he also has a MP 40, in mint condition and a AK-47, that's beat but runs like a champ.......
Good times, really good times.........


  1. 1928's tend to sale for much higher prices than M1A1 Thompson sub-machineguns. Twenty years ago both models could be purchased for less than two grand unless they were some rare version or minty safe queens. The writer of the article says he wouldn't shoot it. I don't know why not. The gun is probably as functional as the day it was manufactured and original replacement parts are plentiful. Now if was something like a transferable FG42 that would be a different story. I paid $2k plus the $200 transfer tax for my MP40 twenty years ago and thought I was crazy. I wish I had of borrowed money and bought every transferable Class III I could find at that time. If I had of, I would be sipping fruity drinks through a straw underneath a palm tree in the western Caribbean today.

    1. Not shoot it, the guy probably never fired one before, big fun, I'd go broke on ammo...... ;)


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