Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ex-CIA chief: Fear for environment stays US hand on ISIS oil wells | TheHill


The fucking environment, Jesus Christ, when will this regime wake to the fact that the environment is the biggest lei science Hitler was "Times" man of the year ? Our resoroseness are being closed as I write this, (coal , the Canadian pipeline) if we don't get Trump and Cruze, we are quite literally fucked !
Impeach the gay muzzie before its to late
This goes out to the soon to jobless congressmen and Senators that tow the party line.....
"We The Ppl are coming after you !
Remember the collaborations from the third right ?? That's you in 2017, enjoy what u have left !
You lying pieces of shit !
And we are coming, remember that !!!!!


  1. Just wanted to say have a great TURKEY DAY and I hope the turkeys were Cage Free, No antibioatics, Gluten Free,Nireate Free,Bht Free, Hormone Free, ,EnviromentalySafe, and Suffered no pain while his head got chopped off----Ithink I covered it all for environmentalist morons. Have a good one Angrymike!!

    1. Back at ya buddy, and it was wild turkey...


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