Sunday, November 29, 2015

Obama: Admit Syrian Refugees or Face ‘Enforcement Action’


I thought the Constitution told the feds what they could do, nothing in it says we have to except "refugees" ! What's not in the Constitution is left up to the states, governor's and representatives, stand your ground against this commie muzzy, stop the influx of terrorists !!!!!!!!


  1. governors and state legislatures need to man up, reclaim their territories as sovereign, and call in their national guards to defend the states from which they come.
    they could also instruct paycheck issuers to put the federal income taxes into special state coffers to be held until the feds are brought under control and told to mind their business in obedience to the Constitution.
    the monies to be sent to the feds after compliance with the law of the land-
    the constitution.

  2. Just another attempt at turning our once great country into a third world hellhole.

  3. Just think it's our money supporting these fuckers. God does that asswipe in the White House and all his fucking administration make me sick. I really hope the states hold the line I doubt it though. The fucking Demorat Governor in PA wants these assholes along with the Pittsburgh Demorat mayor.

    1. These idiots may pay with their heads, but we won't !!!


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