Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I Drove The 800 HP Shelby Super Snake And Survived, Unfortunately

Unfreakingreal, 800 HP, I know how 300 HP feels in a stang, purty quick ! But 800 HP is unreal, its my other dream, the first dream is a stock Hemi Roadrunner, which ain't gonna happen, to rare.......
I also think the new Mustang is one awesome looking car, never ever expected to drive a Ford let alone own one, but I gotta say, its the most uncomplicated car to work on, unlike government motors (GM) who do things just to make you take it to the dealer for repairs or updating HP........


  1. As a long time Ford owner and fan just the shape and lines of the Mustang puts a thrill up my leg. Thanks for sharing.



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