Monday, December 7, 2015

The True Story of Two American Fighters Who Took on the Japanese Attack at Pearl Habor Probably a Little Hungover


74 years ago these two men took to the skies to kick some Jap ass.......


  1. Hi Mike,
    "AT EASE, AT EASE!!!!!" I'm wonderin' if one of those pilots might have been the basis for the UA (1957)movie "The Hunters" with Robert "Cleaver Saville" Mitchum and his buddy Richard Egan....When Saville, (Mitchum) arrives in Korea at his assigned base his old buddy (Egan) is the flight leader addressing the pilots at the morning briefing. Egan proclaims to the men,"A Ease, At Ease, Well, Well, Well...hey you guys, welcome Cleaver Saville...(here's the good part!!!) He and I used ta' fly together when the only thing a Pilot had for breakfast was a Cigarette and a Hangover!!!!" There's more ....get and watch the movie!!!!
    George, Man.....George!!!!!,

    1. Image gonna look it up !
      Thanks.... ;)


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