Monday, January 18, 2016

SURPRISE! You're Eating Fukushima Radiation; Bloody Cancerous Tumors in Fish & Seafood


I haven't done a Fukushima post in a while, probably because the world governments are hush-hush about how bad it still is !
I'm sure some idiot will stop by and comment its a "local" problem, but just look at what they are catching in Alaska !


  1. My only problem with that photo is that SHARKS DON'T GET CANCER. Never. Not from radiation. Not from ANYTHING. It the reason that they are the #1 holy grail of cancer research. They just don't get cancer. They can and do die from high dose radiation and a few chemicals, but not cancer, and nobody knows why.

    1. Read the article ! That's not the only thing getting tumor's !


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