Saturday, February 27, 2016

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A Parody of a Revolution

I do not understand why those of the “Black Lives Matter” activist group get upset when someone says “All Lives Matter”?  “I am a Christian,” another “sect” soon to be banned if the government has its way. And I consider every life precious. Yes, black lives do matter, as do White lives, Asian lives, Hispanic lives and all others. But it is becoming a contest to decide whose lives matter more, according to the terms of political correctness, that is.
Why are people booing those who say all lives matter? Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were booed off the stage. And why was illegal alien and media darling Jose Antonio Vargas doing the interview? Has the media become so agenda driven that it’s no longer acceptable that an American should discuss American politics?
My family came from Eastern Europe in the 1920’s. My grandfather became a mechanic, my father a tool and die maker. They weren’t given any special privileges. In those days the Irish and the Eastern Europe immigrants were thought backward, slow and unreliable. They didn’t get ahead because of so called “White Privilege”, but because they learned what they needed to know, worked hard and moved forward. I spent twenty years defending my country, and I get angry every time I see a military person beaten by a group of sleazy low lives who use the excuse of  trauma they feel  because of slavery. Get Over It! It has happened twice in the past few weeks, a cowardly group will find a white person alone, and attack. They don’t even have the courage to go one on one.
One thing I learned early in my childhood and had reinforced in the military was that we all bleed alike, we all have dreams, and we all have the opportunity to move forward in our lives to get to the point where we can all be considered successful. I don’t ascribe to the fact that slavery of two hundred years ago is responsible for the challenges we face today. I worked for a Chief Warrant Officer who was Hispanic who made clear to me that there was only one color when it came to people in the Navy. Everyone was Haze Gray, the color of the Navy ships we served on together.  Progressives continue to flail at racial disparities because they feel that is the only way they can keep us divided in order to fill the pockets of themselves and their cronies.
Human dignity comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Yes, blacks were subjected to slavery, something I would say almost no one today would condone. But the past is the past. My ancestors spent the 1800’s as slaves in Europe, but there is nothing keeping me from reaching my goals now. Blacks could do more for themselves and their fellow man by looking for opportunities to move forward rather than relegating themselves to the past
Another question for the “Black Lives Matter” group: If black lives matter so much, why are those blacks who have seen through the lies and become successful called “Uncle Toms?” What does freedom mean to you other than taking from others?  Why are there Professors calling for whites to give their “white Privilege” earned money to any black they see. Why are the Black Panthers calling for the murder of white babies in Nurseries? If it is to cause fear in whites, it is failing. What it is causing is anger, and the backlash will encompass all of us, including the whites and blacks that don’t agree with this garbage. BLM needs to stop listening to George Soros and the Palestinians that have been running this since Ferguson. We know the leaders of BLM and other groups have been to Palestine to set up what is happening now.
 If “Black Lives Matter” why are 60% of all black babies aborted? If “Black Lives Matter” why do you gun each other down on the streets of our cities? In Chicago over the July 4th weekend, 10 people were killed and 54 wounded. Didn’t those black lives matter? What of the 75% illegitimacy rate, or 50% of marriage age blacks never marrying? There is a 47% poverty rate among black single mothers, but just 4% for black married couples. And why are those who try to understand and help make the situation better shouted down? Is it because you believe the limitations and low expectations you have placed on your race?.
I suppose we can’t expect change until things change at the top. As long as we have a divisive President whose only goal is the start of a class and race war to push through his socialist agenda, things will only get worse. From Benghazi to Kate Steinle, Obama has proven that “All Lives Matter” is a thing of the past.
Saida Grundy, who was recently hired by Boston University to teach sociology and African-American studies, used her Twitter account to call white males a “problem population” on campuses around the nation. This was just one of many anti-White tweets,
In her controversial tweet she wrote, “White masculinity isn’t a problem for America’s colleges, white masculinity is THE problem for America’s colleges.”
Americans would not understand racism until white kids were being killed in the same numbers as blacks.” This was in response to the death of Trayvon Martin at the hands of the Hispanic made white George Zimmerman. Of course Dyson, like other Black experts on race, failed to mention that 94% of Blacks murdered each year are killed by other Blacks, not vicious White racists. No doubt simply an oversight on the part of the professor.
Commissioner Parks of Washington D.C. has stated “ we need to get off the color thing. I’m sick to death of all the racism that has been pushed since Obama took office”.  It is true, all the progress made in the past 40 years has been thrown away into a world of racial strife and is the principal cause of the dangerous path that we are on.
Political correctness, multiculturalism and diversity are three areas where our country is being torn apart. The government not only allows, but does its best to assume that diversity means separate but equal, a holdover of the progressive Democrats 1960’s. Political correctness is a driving force behind the anger on both sides of the present challenges that we face. It is political correctness that allows blacks to think we owe them something. It allows them to say that whites must sacrifice and give to blacks all that they need. There is now things that must be made clear. I did not cause slavery, I never owned any slaves, and I have worked for everything I have earned to give myself a comfortable life. I DON’T OWE ANYONE ANYTHING. I know a multitude of black men and women who have worked as hard or harder that I have to move forward. They never asked for handouts, they never blamed anyone else. If they fell down, they got back up. These are the people that agitators like the BLM movement never see, never mention, and must keep from their followers so that they never understand that the world is out there and with hard work and a good attitude they can and will move forward.
So a bit of advice for  BLM. Get off your high horse, and quit blaming others for your sorry lives. Pull up your damn pants, and go find the opportunity that are open to all of us. Quit living on the guilt your perceive in others, and make your way to a life you can be proud of. Use the energy you are using to try to make whites feel guilty and use it to clean up your neighborhoods from gangbangers and drug dealers. Use your gangster identity to make the lives of those around you better, help the kids to learn instead of letting them be ridiculed.
In essence, help yourselves before you demand help from others. Your demands will continue to fall on deaf ears until you can show the leadership to make things better for your own. You can talk of revolution all you want, and wear all the supposedly scary uniforms you like, but it won’t change the fact that good people out there want a revolution as well, and it isn’t the one you want.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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