Thursday, February 11, 2016

Drug Testing Welfare recipients !


Good, about 32% got the boot ! I get drug tested to get a job, motherfucker's should get tested to spend my money !


  1. daughter has chronic illness, gets food stamps and medicaid, for which we are deeply grateful.
    it would be an insult to her and all of the disabled to treat them as criminals. drug testing for the others, though, might be a good idea as long as disabled are excepted.
    i also resent drug testing for most jobs--think they treat all of us as criminals.
    test if there is suspicion. and of course for pilots and heavy equipment operators, for example.
    it is not one size fits all, because one size does not fit all. ever.
    thanks for letting me vent. i hate when people rant about people who need food stamps.
    daughter would gladly exchange her food stamps with a healthy person for their good health in return.

    but there are a lot of the worse than useless out there by their own choice sucking up welfare, food bank food, and obamaphones.

    'the wheat grows with the tares until the end', impossible for anyone but God to sort it all out.
    read that california is considering paying criminals up to 9k per year to abstain from crime. crime does pay!

    1. Since my links ain't working since blogger changed, I'll figure it out, the story says that these are random tests ! So its not everyone, but if I had to get free money, it wouldn't bother me one bit to be tested, I rarely drink, and only take pain pills for a bad back,but to many ppl are scamming the system, it must be stopped before we're the next country not able to pay what we owe.....

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  3. I get tested every 90 days for work to ensure my judgement is not impaired.

    You want free money paid for by my taxes? Go piss in the cup. Don't like it? Fine then go get a job that allows you to use.


    1. You're exactly right, my place is probably gonna institute it next year, if ppl are gonna spend what I earn, drug test them !


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