Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Muzzy Homeland Security Official (DEMANDS) A National Gun Registry....

Well of course he does !
So my fearless leaders, was it the "gun control" act of 68 or 86, that outright bans a national registry?? I'm thinking 86, but could be wrong......

Fuck you you rag headed goat fucker !
We must remove these anti American muzzy pricks from any office of authority !


  1. Hi Mike,
    I really, really, Really like the part where you say to him,"Fuck you , you ragheaded goat fucker!" I concur 100%!!! He's just another pissed off rag head who has to wear diapers on his ass because "HE" has been fucked in his ass so much that he can't hold it anymore!! I would say,"Poor bastard!!" but the rag deserves it!! Remember what happened to Nicolae & Elena Ceausescu???? After the "Trial" I think they were dead within 10 minutes!! Only for "Him" the need for a trial will be dispensed.
    Yer "Armed Infidel" in Manchac!!,

    1. I just am really sick of these bastards coming to the country my ancestors built, to destroy it with their goat fucking laws !


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