Sunday, June 26, 2016

The DemoncRat's.........

Here an article that shows who was at the gay lil "Sit-in" to take your rights away.....

Here's what the senile old dick head said on Twitter
There is no "loophole" you old asshole, the Mob should have finished what they started, you one eyed cock sucker !
No background check would have the deranged Islamist piece of shit, the FBI's rules on Islam have been scrubbed by the muzzy-in-chief, so their hands are tied !
The dept of homeland security is so full of muzzies that at least 73 are on the FBI's watch list.......
Just think about that for a minute, the ppl that are supposed to keep us safe, are the very ppl that hate our country and would destroy our way of life if they could !
                       FUCK ISLAM !
By the way, they're not radicalized muzzies, it is Islam pure and simple, read some of their "holy book", the Koran is as full of hate as Mein Kampf !

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