Saturday, July 30, 2016

More German Weapons After WWII.......

This time in Nam, neat stuff ! Enjoy !


weaponsman.com is where I found this stuff, awesome site !

This is an interesting picture of a Viet-nam vet with a P38, it looks like what ppl call a "ghost gun" it was phosphated instead of blued, many were made by the French after WWII, they were marked with a star on the right side instead of the German Waffenampt. I found this lil beauty in a Gander Mountain for the excellent price of  $200.00, but mine was from March of 45, a German  phosphated late war P38.
It must have sat in a wet holster because one side was a mess, i sandblasted the one side and sold it to a collector at a tidy profit, another one I let get away..........
If ya blow this up, you can see the Waffenampt, this was the second P38 I found in Gander, the other was a supposed mismatch for, you guessed it $200.00. that one was put together AFTER we (The Americans) overran the Mauser factory it was a D block which was late April of 45, so it was a factory mismatch I made a tidy sum on that to a collector who keeps it in the very front of his safe.
If these old guns could only tell us their history, that's one of the coolest things about collecting guns, history, something progs only care about if it involves reparations............
Hope I didn't bore anyone, but I saw that P38, and had to tell the story..... ;)

WWII Weapons Of War The STG44 In Africa........

Neat story of one of my favorite guns, have a replica, non firing dammit, the STG-44 also known as the sturmgewehr or (storm rifle) assault rifle in our terms. It shot a 7.92×33 Kurtz or a short 7.92 German (we call it an 8mm). It was the first truly intermediate round in semi or full auto.
I had a friend that had a MP40, a real deal auto in mint condition, but it just isn't as sexy as the STG44........
 Oh to find a rack of these babies, heaven !

STG-44 in Africa after WWII

The Ultimate Trigger System ?

Shhhhhh !

This looks awesome, if or when anyone gets one, please let me know how it works !