Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Michael Savage Shut Down !

Info Wars
So Michael Savage is shut down on the night of the debate, because he was talking about Sick Hillary Klinton's health problems !
I have been off work for a bit, back is fucking up again, and I'm on Twitter, a lot. Sorry, that's why I don't post as much, I guess I'm feeding my head.
I've missed much working and dealing with back issues amongst other things.
Now I don't understand all this stuff, but im hoping to open a few eyes up.
This ICANN bullshit, the UN taking over the Internet, instead of (I think) each country running there own( don't quote me do the research, I'm just starting) then the UN, instead of the US, will run the Internet.
I've heard of ppl being banned from Twitter (MILO From Breitbart) ppl being put in timeout on Fagbook, sorry I hate it, but this is entirely different.
Maybe I've watched Alex Jones to much, but this seems like a real threat, I heard Congress or the Senate is trying to stop ICANN
by holding back funds.
We all know the MSM is shit, it's all owned by six organizations, they lie cheat and start to push an agenda, right now you can go to other sites and find out what's really happening, but for how long ?
Look into this and start talking it up, get informed before you can't get informed anymore !

Watch Moslems Attack In England

These English citizens were having a peaceful protest, the muzzy's attack !
You, your children, your grandchildren do not want this here !
Vote Trump !
Sick Hillary Klinton caused this by taking down Gaddafi, he held back the waves of migrate muzzys that are fanning out in Europe !
Stop it before it happens here !

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Yellow Fever !!!!;

I owe this to Boilerdoc after the tease ! 😂

A Sick Hillary Timeline......

Cool article by Mike Cernovich, if don't know of him you either will, or need to. Good stuff.....
Danger And Play

Asia Times !

No, it's not Asian chicks  😂 it's one man's view on why we are where we are today and who he thinks can get us out of this rut !