Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Scary Thought On Gun Confiscation

Let me know your thoughts, plausible ????
You will just hand them over !


  1. It sounds very plausible. After the coronation of the queen bitch next Jan. we will probably find out.

  2. Hi Mike,
    'Sounds possible.... It "Sounds" but is it?? The "Logistics" of the idea like for starters, the sending you a "Letter??" Well sure. .gov does it all the time... just how well will it work? Besides "Guns" there are enough "Lawyers" out there!! To cop a line from an old movie."The Adventurers" back from the 60's ...... over in Central America somewhere.... "When you have 2 bandits fighting you, you just have WAR, but now we have a Bandit and a Lawyer....that's 'Revolutionary!!!'" (or something to that effect)

    Got Gunz.....OUTLAW!!!!!!,


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