Monday, September 19, 2016

Explosions in New York, New Jersey !!!!

Anyone that comes to my site to look at pretty women, and don't plan on voting, or plan to vote for the Klinton Krime syndicate, stop now and go somewhere's else !! These bombs are a direct result of "The DemonRat's" and the "RINOS" you people supposedly oppose !
I do this for free, but I'm telling you this now, if Trump loses because of the (supposedly) principaled assholes out there, I'm done, it's hard enough to make time for this silly shit I sometimes post, if not for a few great ppl, you know who you are, I'd shut it down now !!!!
Here's the link to the ISLAMIC TERRORISM that "Dear Leader" has brought to our shores, but I already know, no whites voted for Obama, at least that's what they say.......

Islamic Terrorists Strike Again.......

If you notice, I didn't say "Radical Islam" because there is no such thing ! Islam tells all men and women to kill the infidel, the book is radical, the ppl are just Moslems !

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