Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Give Kalifornia To Mexico !!!

How fucked up is Kalifornia, now they want to regulate cow farts, I kid you not !


  1. This is a Moonbeam manure... er... maNEUVER to tax yet something else. There's no way to regulate cow farts, and he knows it. He can, however, tack a "smog abatement FEE" on each cow; much the same as he did with diesel cars and trucks. This is a moneygrab, pure and simple.

    As for giving California to Mexico; think again. Doing so would just move the borders of that 3rd world shithole up against Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon. What good would this do? It would also reward Mexico for sending their "poor" huddled masses to us by giving it all of the GOOD stuff California DOES have; oil, minerals, deep-water seaports, and some of the best farmland in the world, which, by the way, can be farmed year 'round. I don't see this as a "win..."

    1. Take away Kalifornia's electoral votes the last fifty years, this is a different country, keep them the next fifty, is this still America ?
      Take it, it's only gonna be a drain for the next 50 !


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