Friday, May 19, 2017

Newest Project !

I bought a new AR kit from palmetto, it came with a 16" barrel for 339.00, great deal, but I hate the 16", I've always bought a 14.5" with a pinned flash hider.
So I decided to build my own upper.
I'm going with a 11.5" with a long 5" flash hider, and MAYBE I'll pin it.
I definitely want to shoot it with the 11.5, it should BOOM pretty good.
I am using a Colt M-16 upper that was cracked, but it's been welded so it's probably stronger that the original.
This may end up being a completely new build, knowing me ........


  1. KAK shockwave blade pistol kit. Barrel length becomes moot. The shorter the barrel, the louder the boom. 11.5 is perfect for velocity. The A1 upper pistol will be fakin cool.

    1. That's what I thought, my first AR was an A-1 back in the 90's.
      The receiver had a crack, an old M-16 part, the guy welded it really nice. Do a lil Dremel work get it coated, you'll never see the weld.
      Thanks ! 😊


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