Monday, January 15, 2018

Time To Repeal The 1965 Immagration Act !

Is white geniocide real ? I'll let you be the judge. I made the mistake of calling out the Jewish community over laws in New York, so I won't publish my views on whether it's real or not, this is just a thought provoking exercise !
Have a great day, hate mail will be ignored !


  1. By all means, call out people who are Jewish like Soros, Barbara Spectre, and others. I'll join you.

    Just remember that there are other Jews such as myself who are dead-set against it.

  2. I'm not against anyone, I just questioned the agenda behind certain laws that were passed. I don't believe in the Jewish conspiracy, I just questioned certain ppl. Some believe you cannot question anyone of the Jewish faith because of Nazi Germany. I believe that's the same as blacks blaming whites for slavery.

  3. By the way, I want to agree with you on using the charge of "anti-Semitism" against any critic of any person who is (whether practicing like I do) or not (like that POS Soros). Criticize the person.

    I, as Zionist as I am, have criticized Israel. I have criticized people for specific views that I believe are anti-Semitic. But if someone criticizes, say, George Soros for his anti-American actions, that's not anti-Semitic. And anyone who uses that as a defense of Soros is wrong. Period.

    It's all part of the PC shield from the Frankfurt School.

  4. From the laptop of Wingfoot:

    Good News America! All elite-owned, mainstream media is keeping this Bombshell News under wraps. President Trump is Draining the Swamp!

    By Executive Order, thousands of "enemies of America" who have stolen $ trillions from America now have their assets frozen by President Trump! President Trump is in the process of getting our money back right now!

    President Trump is telling all nations and trans-national companies, "America will not do business with those who deal with terrorists, pedophiles, human trafficking and corrupt actors across the globe!" Compliance is astounding! 250 trans-national military industrial complex CEOs have resigned their positions since Christmas, 2017! Countries around the world are aggressively attacking terror groups within their borders. President Trump promised middle-east countries in compliance to keep their religion and the CIA installed leadership alive. Trump even promised Middle-East countries they could participate on Wall Street if they cut all ties to terrorist groups.


    More than 9,000 sealed indictments are currently on U.S. Special Counsel for the Department of Justice Robert Mueller's desk:

    21 December 2017 - New Executive Order Implements Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act - Provides for Treasury Sanctions Against Malign Actors Worldwide:


    1. Very good news to see, now if Trump would lock up that entire regime for all their crimes, I might believe we're on our way back !

    2. Lock up? No, gallows.

      And then leave the bodies mounted to rot in front of the DNC as a lesson to the next ten generations of Democrats what happens to Leftraitors.

    3. The gallows will never happen, it'd be great don't get me wrong, but in this day and age, ain't one of em gonna swing !

  5. I am also Jewish, and I agree with Nitzakhon. No person should be criticized (or worse...and there has been plenty of that in History), because they are Jewish, nor should they be immune from such criticism, or worse, because of that very same reason. The same applies to every other person of any other ethnic, racial or religious group. You have to take each person on their own merits, or lack thereof. George Soros, as an example, should neither be criticized because he was born Jewish, nor given a pass for that reason. I personally view him as being one of the most evil human beings on the planet, because of what he has chosen to do with the tens of billions of dollars that he has, and the hundreds of billions or more that he can control. His evil has nothing to do with the fact that his ancestors were Jewish, anymore van a black person is guilty of a theft because they're black, or Poles are stupid because they are Poles, or Italians are in the Mafia because they were Italian. People are responsible for their words and their actions, not for their heritage. The only way that someone can honor or dishonor their heritage, is by specifically stating that they are saying or doing something because of the influence of their Heritage over their mindset. In that case, if it happens that they are actually doing something evil in the name of their Heritage, and others of their same heritage choose to say nothing, only then is there some guilt by association. Otherwise, guilt by association, also known as Prejudice, is among the greatest evils that mankind is guilty of throughout the ages.


Let me know how I'm doing, as long as your not a fucking liberal who believes that a little fairy dust will solve all the worlds ills .......;)