Monday, February 19, 2018

As They Scream About Gun Control......

Here's one of the kids that survived the Florida shooting, as he forgets the what actually happened. Kinda weird, huh ?


I'll update as I get more information !

ill add this since no one is really reporting it.


  1. On investigating further, it seems David Hogg graduated high school in California and is 19 years old.......something doesn't smell right here. Why was he going t school in Fla. ?

    1. I've heard that, but have no evidence. There's a whole lot going on with this shit !

    2. they showed a shot of his cali yearbook photo. Ive challenged those that post his stuff to provide a yearbook photo from Parkland

    3. That lil fucker is really shady, the group I'd now backed by 3-4 far left org's. Fuck this bullshit, our supporting org's org's must back the gun owners, fuck being the ppl that just react, they must go in offense !


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