Tuesday, March 6, 2018

This Is Great To See ! JOIN THE NRA TODAY !

The last time I looked the NRA was up 500,000 "NEW" members. It may very well be a whole lot higher now, if you haven't joined, Get Off Your Ass And Join Today !http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/05/nra-memberships-surge-wake-of-anti-nra-protests-media-bias/

I'll add this, I should have added it from the start !


  1. I had let my membership lapse last year. money got tight...and Hillary was not in the Whitehouse. The 2A felt more secure. Last week I renewed my membership as soon as I learned of the number of businesses that had boycotted NRA activities. I contacted one of my credit cards (first national bank) to verify that they were, indeed, not going to renew their contract to manage the NRA credit card. When I got a reply confirming this....I renewed and let them know I was not even going to use their own card to pay for it. It is sad that this bank, United/Delta and several other companies are putting employee jobs at risk by taking political stances.

    1. Great job, now if we could get the Fudds to pay up. There's to many ppl that don't realize that without the second, the rest of the amendments will be suggestions !


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